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21 May 2013 @ 07:08 pm
to all fandoms out there  
Originally posted by slants_of_light at to all fandoms out there
Lately, this issue/topic is bothering me.. It's about this fandom, basically in arashi.

First of all, i don't want to start a fight. I just want to clearly state my opinion here.. okay? :)

Last month, we all know about a fb page claiming to be the real arashi. Well, that community's dead already, right?

But someone told me about arashi's individual fake accounts roaming around facebook.. Again, they're claiming to be the real members. To make it more convincing, they even made accounts in skype, twitter and other social media. And what's worst is that they're bullying new fans.

Why? I really don't know what happen..

I'm not sure if some of you already know this. But it makes me sad, this fandom is supposed to be a happy place, right???

How many do you think are pretending to be arashi??? We never know...

I really don't get these people why they're doing this sort of thing..

Why do these people need to pretend that they are the real one when we all know that they aren't the real one?

Is it just for laugh?

For their own happiness??

So i'm writing this...

To all new fans out there, be aware.
Don't be fooled by these pretentious people.
Know your surroundings.
Know by heart what is the system in johnny's so you don't get fooled.

System? What system? You might want to search for that. One important tip is that JE artists are not allowed to have accounts in any social media network like facebook, etc.

To those said victim out there, block those people off.
Don't talk to them, don't bother replying on them.
Ignore them.
Eventually, they'll get tired and leave you.

To those impostors out there, stop claiming to be somebody else.
Please know how to respect.

I think this post serves not only to arashi fandom but to all fandoms out there..
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